Of course – That’s why we’re here! We’ll check out your network and figure out how to improve whatever issues you’re experiencing. If that involves a WiFi extension or anything that requires materials you don’t have on hand, we can book a follow-up service.

First, you’ll need to have a functioning internet connection provided by your Internet Service Provider such as AT&T, Spectrum or Verizon. You should already have a modem which provides internet access by connecting devices directly to your modem with ethernet cables. Some modems have built-in WiFi capabilities that can be utilized to create a WiFi network. If yours does not, you’ll need a router that is capable of providing a reliable WiFi signal throughout your home.

The internet can be a powerful, but scary place. Your tech will analyze your network to assess risks and minimize potential threats. We’ll also make sure your network is optimized for speed and reliability.

That’s why we’re here! Some customers prefer to chat with The Soft Wave. A tech will assess your computer remotely to either resolve the issue or to diagnose the problem. The Soft Wave is a great value, immediate and available 24×7.

The Soft Wave does not repair hardware so if the problem requires hard drive replacement, we can only diagnose the issue.

We can definitely try, but repairing older machines can often end up being more costly than replacing the computer. If your computer is more than 4 years old, consider your options. And, if you need help setting up a new computer, The Soft Wave is here.

Adding memory requires access to the inside of your computer. The Soft Wave does not provide hardware support so if the problem requires additional memory, we can only diagnose the issue.

A tune-up is appropriate when your computer is properly functioning but seems a little sluggish. Many customers book regular tune-ups a few times a year – depending on their usage – to keep their computer in tip-top shape. It’s best to prevent problems rather than waiting until you have one to deal with.

For the most part, we can install or uninstall any software but your tech may not be familiar with how to use the software. So, if you have questions on software usage, you’ll need to reference the user manual or contact the software publisher.

The more data you have, the longer your service will take. If you have a very large amount of data, your tech may start the process and walk you through the remaining steps.

It can. We suggest booking The Soft Wave executive Now! A tech will assess your computer remotely to perform your virus removal. Just be aware that for very lengthy operations, your tech may start the process and walk you through the remaining steps.

No problem. Your tech can help select an email provider and then get your account set up.

Yes. We can troubleshoot common email-related problems. This includes issues such as trouble in sending or receiving emails, missing emails, duplicate and even undeliverable emails.

We can help with that. Go ahead and book your service, detailing the issue you’re experiencing.

Your tech may not be familiar with specific third-party software, so if you have questions about specific software, you’re better off referencing the user manual or contacting the software publisher.

If you’re new to computer or maybe you’re switching from a PC to Mac and need some guidance with the basics, The Soft Wave service is perfect for you. We can also get you more comfortable with browsing the web. The internet can be a powerful, but a scary place so get educated on avoiding potential security threats.

The Soft Wave does not repair hardware so if the problem requires replacement parts, we can only diagnose the issue.

We can schedule a follow-up service once you have your replacement parts. Please be aware that The Soft Wave does not repair hardware so if the problem requires replacement of a part inside a device, we recommend contacting the manufacturer.

Of course. After installation, your tech can guide you in setting up your preferred streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video.

Hard-wired cameras do not have a power cord that plugs into an outlet. Instead, they are wired directly to an electrical source. Hard-wired smart camera installation should be performed by a licensed electrician and is not a service provided by Softwave at this time.

The smart camera installation process is fairly similar across brands. Book your service and tell us the brand and provide the make and model. If we can’t support your device, we’ll let you know.

We can definitely show you how to install and remove apps as well as basics about your device, but your tech may not be familiar with the specific apps that you use.

No, The Soft Wave doesn’t provide hardware repair services at this time.

Do you suspect you’re spending too much on IT Support and Network upkeep, without seeing a return on your investment? You’re probably right

It’s been estimated that companies overspent by more than $207 billion on technology and telecom purchases each year, while the average enterprise is overpaying anywhere from 8% to 25% on software and hardware support.

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